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Dressing anti-inflamator cu turmeric

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One thought on “Dressing anti-inflamator cu turmeric

  1. Ioana Szederyesi

    Buna ziua
    Dr. Arjan Khalsa spune:

    Does turmeric need to be cooked?
    Yes. To get the effects for which we are recommending it for here, it should be cooked. Boil it in water for at least 7 minutes. This converts the turmeric into a form that the body can easily absorb and use (what we call ‘bioavailable’).

    People ask me all the time if they can sprinkle the uncooked spice onto food. What I know is that, cooking it is the best way for it to be used by the body. In Asian cooking, it is always cooked. They use it in curries, daals, rice, and Golden Milk (or, in India, the call it ‘Haldi Milk’)


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